Personal Bodyguard Services in Texas

The role of a bodyguard is to protect an individual from harm, injury, or accident. This can entail anything – from keeping them safe from physical threats to shielding them from the public gaze in potentially compromising situations.

At Ensure Secure Solution, our bodyguards closely monitor potential dangers for their clients. They are physically fit and can react quickly and decisively in the event of an attack. In addition, our bodyguards are experts in self-defense and are well-trained in using a variety of weapons, including firearms. They stay calm under pressure and do the job with professional acumen.

Our bodyguards have years of expertise providing professional bodyguard services, are highly trained, and are equipped to manage all your security demands. We offer bodyguards to politicians, celebrities, performers, and regular citizens. We have bodyguards on duty around-the-clock offering affordable protection services in Houston to ensure your safety.

What's Included in Our Professional Bodyguard Services?

You get access to every one of our security services when you employ Ensure Secure Solution’s bodyguard. You may choose the level of protection you want from our services, which include both executive protection agents in plain clothes and uniformed security guards. Our personal bodyguard services include safety escort, site security, event security, property protection (both residential and commercial), security patrols, access restriction and control, risk reduction, fraud detection, and much more.

The bodyguard will stay by your side at all times, including:

  • going to court hearings
  • appearances at special events
  • media coverage
  • securing your house while you’re at home
  • a quiet evening out with friends and family
  • carrying out routine errands, and much more

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